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Lava Heat Italia Z2-HB Review (Tabletop Outdoor Heater)

Lava Heat Italia Z2-HB Review (Tabletop Outdoor Heater)

Most patio heaters are a few feet tall. But would you like a smaller outdoor heater — one that stays on your table, yet has all the features of its bigger counterparts? This is what you’ll get from the Lava Heat Italia Z2-HB, a tabletop outdoor heater.

In this Lava Heat Italia Z2-HB review, we answer the question, “is this mini patio heater worth it?”

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Tidbits About the Z2-HB that You Should Know

– The Z2-HB is only 36 inches tall and weighs only 13 pounds.

– This is from China.

– Two D-batteries are required.

– The Z2-HB is the mini or tabletop version of the Lava Heat Lite Z7.

No assembly required.

– It comes with an Easy Start push button.

– It uses one pound propane tank, and last up to 14 hours.

– Its Safe Tilt switch feature automatically shuts the unit off if it accidentally tips over.

VIDEO: See the Lava Mini Tabletop in Action

Watch the video below to see how little this outdoor heater is.

Consumer Feedback and Rating

Performance. The general consensus is that the Lava Heat Italia Z2-HB doesn’t put out much heat.

Design. It’s an attractive little piece that you can use for ambiance. As a decoration, it gives a cozy feeling and serves as an attractive light source. One buyer said their Z2-HB has become the “focal point of their patio.”

–  Portability. Expectedly, because of its size, this mini outdoor heater has excellent portability.


If you’re looking for a portable, lightweight, and small outdoor heater intended for smaller areas, the Z2-HB can be on your list of heaters to consider, especially if you’re looking for one that provides a nice ambiance and you’re not concerned about how much heat it provides.

Otherwise, it’s best to stick to a full-size heater such as its bigger counterpart, the Lava Heat Lite Z7.


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