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Review: Infrared Wall Mount Heater by Muskoka

Review: Infrared Wall Mount Heater by Muskoka

Muskoka’s infrared heater functions either as a free-standing or wall-mounted outdoor heater. With a pole, you can easily connect this heater and let it stand on your patio. Or mount it on the wall if you want a more permanent heating fixture.

It’s a good idea, no doubt. But the question is, is this infrared patio heater as efficient as other outdoor heaters featured on this site? In this review, let’s provide an analysis.

Fast Facts About the MUS1509 Infrared Wall Mount Heater by Muskoka

– It’s made in China.
– Transform this wall-mountable unit into a free-standing heater for your patio. You’ll need a stable infrared heater stand for this.
– It doesn’t have a thermostat. There’s only one heating setting.
– This provides full heat output within seconds.
– It comes with adjustable wall mount brackets.
– It can be for indoor and outdoor use.
– It produces an orange glow.

Consumer Feedback

MUS1509 Infrared Wall Mount Heater by MuskokaHeat Output. Consumers enjoy the “instant heat” that this device provides.

As for the amount of heat, the general consensus is that this heater can put out the right amount of heat to take the chill out. One buyer said it “works well within the 40 degree range,” and another said it “keeps things warm within a 3-5 foot range.” You may have issues with the heat output outside the 5-foot range. Plus, it may not be as warm if it’s a windy day or night.

Ease of Mounting. It’s easy to mount, and as one consumer said, it does not require any “ridiculous clearance requirements.” Plus, it has a small footprint, so it provides excellent portability.

Some Issues. It can be a “little too bright” for you. You may also have some issues with the instructions that come with the product.


The MUS1509 Infrared Wall Mount Heater by Muskoka is a plug-and-play heater that keeps things warm within a limited range. While it can be easily mounted and has excellent portability, it may not be as warm if you are more than 5 feet away from it.

Learn more about this heater here. Or consider a ceiling-mount quartz heater. Read our review of the Howard Berger quartz heater here.


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